Fun Fact Friday: Circle Line Trains to Stadium

Do you wonder why trains on the Circle Line extension ends its service at Stadium during off-peak hours?

During the peak hours, trains from Marina Bay will run the full Circle Line (CCL) and end at HarbourFront to ensure an average of about 2.5 – 3 minutes frequency throughout most portions of the line between Promenade and HarbourFront. This will help to meet the high demand of the CCL experienced during the rush hours.

During Off-Peak Hours, it’s different!

However, during off-peak hours where demand is relatively lower, the trains running on the Circle Line extension from Marina Bay will turn around at Stadium instead of running all the way to HarbourFront.

This will help to reduce operating costs by allocating resources to meet the lower demand for the Circle Line extension.

The Circle Line extension trains are unable to turn around at Promenade as there are insufficient track crossings to allow a shuttle service only between Promenade and Marina Bay, thus the shuttle was designed to be between Marina Bay and Stadium.

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