TEL2 Progress Update – July 2020

Stage 2 of the Thomson-East Coast Line (TEL2), which will extend the line from Woodlands to Caldecott via Thomson, is slated to open at the end of this year.
The SGTrains team visited various sites along the TEL2 route to document and observe the progress of the stations’ construction. All pictures were taken from publicly accessed areas and roads.

TE4 Springleaf

The exit almost completed with interior lighting turned on.

Roads have been realigned to the final alignment with plants planted along the road dividers.

Bicycle racks have been installed outside the exit.

TE5 Lentor

Exits are more or less completed with interior lighting turned on. The public transport logo has yet to be illuminated.

An exit without the public transport logo illuminated.

Station exit adjacent to the traffic junction.

TE6 Mayflower

The exit located in front of the HDB blocks. Both the interior lighting and public transport logo are illuminated.

Overview of the 2 station exits. The roads have been reinstated to their original alignment.

TE7 Bright Hill

Bird’s-eye view of the exit with works on the surface more or less completed. Being a future interchange with the Cross Island Line (CRL), a provisional linkway to the future CRL station is built together with the TEL station.

Interior lighting is illuminated with the LED display turned on.

The bus stop outside the station has already been opened for passenger usage.

An exit located beside the HDB blocks.

Fun Fact: You can see Mayflower from Bright Hill Station.

TE8 Upper Thomson

Upper Thomson Station, notice how the exit follows the contours of the hill.

Exit 4 with the station name sign and public transport logo installed.

One of the station exits is located right next to a popular food street along Upper Thomson Road.

TE9 Caldecott

Station exit taking shape.

The road has been extended with a new roundabout further down. A new shelter is also being constructed.

Bus stop outside the Circle Line exit has been closed and will be relocated.

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