Fun Fact Friday: Standard Ticket

Did you know that you can use the same Standard Ticket (for trains) up to six times?

If you have misplaced your CEPAS Card and need to travel on the train network, you can purchase a Standard Ticket from the General Ticketing Machines at any train stations across the network.


When purchasing a Standard Ticket, a $0.10 deposit is required, on top of the travel fare to your destination station (calculated from the station from where you bought the ticket at). This same ticket can be used for up to six times within 30 days from the date of purchase.

The deposit is refunded through an off-set for the fare of the third trip, and a $0.10 discount is given for the sixth trip to encourage passengers to reuse the same ticket. A maximum of two trips can be bought at the same time by utilising the ‘Return Trip’ function.

Commuters are encouraged to use a stored value card to enjoy the full benefits of Distance Fares, which can be used across trains and buses. Fares on the Standard Ticket are slightly higher than using a stored value card to discourage the use of the Standard Ticket for frequent travels.

Learn more about the different types of travel cards that are accepted for use on the train network:


Matthew Ng

An avid train enthusiast since 2009, he designs graphics and infographics to promote the little known facts about Singapore's train network.