Fun Fact Friday: Free Bus Services during Train Service Disruptions

Did you know that there are 2 different types of bus services provided during Train Service Disruptions at affected stations?

Free Regular Bus Services (Route-Plying Buses along Stations)

During a train service disruption, regular bus services that serve the affected stations will be made free for boarding. These regular bus services are the same bus services that run at regular intervals by the public transport operators.

Bus Service Signage at Station Exits

There will be signs at the exits of the MRT stations that indicate the different bus services to other MRT stations. You may also pick up a copy of the information leaflet from the station staff.

Flashing beacons at the designated bus stops will inform the bus captain to allow passengers to board for free.

Free Bridging Bus Services (Shuttle Buses between Stations)

Free bridging bus services will also be provided free-of-charge to connect stations affected by the train service disruption. Usually, these services will be activated if train service is not expected to resume within half an hour.

These bus services will only stop at designated stops near to the train stations. To locate the boarding point of these bus services, follow the orange directional signs or ask the station staff for directions.

Typical Deployment

Free regular bus services will be activated within minutes when a train service disruption occurs.

However, bus-bridging services will take a while to be activated as these buses have to be taken out from existing bus services or deployed from nearby bus depots.

Passengers may choose to either board the regular bus services, or the free bridging bus services which ply non-stop between stations.

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