Fate of 3rd Generation KNS Train

With the unexpected decommissioning of the 2nd Generation Siemens (SIE) C651 train, one would wonder what will be the fate of the 3rd Generation Kawasaki Heavy Industries & Nippon Sharyo (KNS) C751B train.

A SIE train being put on a trailer.

The End of the Siemens C651

Background of the KNS train

Introduced in 2000, these trains should be slated for refurbishment like their North-East Line counterparts, which began passenger service 2 years later in 2003 and are now in the midst of refurbishment. To date, there is no news on any plans for the refurbishment of the train.

Upgrading of LED route map


A sticker is being stick over to include Canberra station and Woodlands Thomson-East Coast Line transfer.

A refurbished route map with Canberra station (covered) being added in and refreshed design.

In 2019 when Canberra station opened, the LED route map in the 1st Generation Kawasaki Heavy Industrial (KHI) C151, SIE and KNS trains were not upgraded to include an additional LED light for the station between Yishun and Sembawang. While it is understood that the KHI trains are scheduled to be decommissioned in the coming years, and the SIE trains will no longer be refurbished as planned, it has come as a surprise that the newer KNS trains did not receive the upgraded route maps in preparation of the station’s opening.

Our Assumption

With no news of any plans to refurbish the KNS trains, and the deliberate omission of the upgrading of the LED route map, perhaps the KNS may be the next to be decommissioned after the delivery of the new R151 trains.

Artist impression of the new R151 train. (Photo: LTA)

Since the SIE trains supposedly began decommissioning and there are currently no contracts to replace them with new train sets, perhaps a contract to replace both the SIE and KNS trains will be called together. After all, a larger quantity would reap the benefit of having the economics of scale.

Correction Note: We have corrected the year of introduction to 2000.


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