Fun Fact Friday: Standard Ticket

Did you know that you can use the same Standard Ticket (for trains) up to six times? If you have misplaced your CEPAS Card and need to travel on the train network, you can purchase a Standard Ticket from the General Ticketing Machines at any train stations across the network. When purchasing a Standard Ticket, READ MORE »


Fun Fact Friday: Circle Line trains to Stadium

Do you wonder why trains on the Circle Line extension ends its service at Stadium during off-peak hours? During the peak hours, trains from Marina Bay will run the full line and end at HarbourFront to ensure an average of about 2.5-3 minutes frequency throughout most portions of the line between Promenade and HarbourFront. This READ MORE »


Fun Fact Friday: HarbourFront Platform A

Did you know that there is an unused platform at HarbourFront (Circle Line) station? The Circle Line section of HarbourFront station consists of two platforms, Platform B is for normal passenger service trains heading clockwise towards Telok Blangah, and Platform A is currently for train withdrawal purposes. The area around Platform A has been cordoned READ MORE »


Fun Fact Friday: STARiS

Did you know that the active route maps on the trains plying the North-South and East-West Lines were made in Singapore? The SMRT Active Route Map Information System (STARiS) is a rail and travel information system developed in-house by communications engineers from SMRT Corporation for its North-South and East-West Line trains. This system was officially READ MORE »


Fun Fact Friday: Portable Fare Collection Gates

Did you know that portable fare collection gates can be deployed at stations during special events? These portable faregates sport a compact and light-weight cabinet design, which makes it easy for them to be transported around and set up whenever needed. In addition, it is uniquely designed without a barrier system and sensor logic system READ MORE »


Fun Fact Friday: CC18 Station

Did you know that the Circle Line station code CC18 is not found on the system map? If you were to travel between CC17 Caldecott and CC19 Botanic Gardens stations, the journey will take at least 4 minutes as the train will whizz by the CC18 station – also known as Bukit Brown station. Located READ MORE »


Fun Fact Friday: Ventilation Fans in Elevated MRT Stations

Did you know that prior 2012, elevated stations do not have any ventilation fans installed at the platform level? Between August 2009 and June 2012, half height platform screen doors were retrofitted onto all 36 elevated stations on the North-South and East-West Lines, enhancing commuters’ safety and reducing the incidence of track intrusions. We covered READ MORE »


System Maps Over the Years

Over the years, our train network has evolved from a humble two-line system into a convenient and reliable train network that spans over 230km across the whole of Singapore. The system map has been constantly updated to reflect the changes to the rail network, as well as accommodating newer train lines to fit into a READ MORE »