Single Route Diagram at Stadium

Recently, a netizen posted a photo of this single route diagram found at the platform level of Stadium station of the Circle Line (CCL):

This single route diagram was first spotted by us back in December 2019, and we initially had mixed opinions about the signage. However, as the original Circle Line route diagram (with all Circle Line stations on it) was located behind this signage, we didn’t think much about the diagram.

The single route diagram has a similar design concept of this sign found at Bayfront station that was put up around the same period last year.

We deduced that the diagram was created to increase the emphasis of key stations on the Circle Line, allowing passengers coming down from the escalator to proceed to the correct platform with ease. This will reduce crowding around the signage to figure out the correct platform to board the train, and will greatly help during days where there is an event at the Singapore Sports Hub or the Indoor Stadium.

Our Take

We felt that the diagram could be further improved and so here’s our take on it:

Our Suggestions and Thought Process

  • Follow the design guidelines of existing signs, making this diagram familiar and allowing passengers to easily find the correct platform with ease
  • Include most of the stations along the route to utilise the void space on the diagram
  • Include the current station to allow passengers to know where they are currently at along the Circle Line
  • A footnote is added to inform passengers that a full route map is available behind this panel

We also considered to reduce the font size for non-interchange stations, but in doing so, it makes the diagram feel uneven and not uniformed.

We hope that the relevant department will be able to take into consideration our suggestion and improve the existing single route diagram at Stadium station, and also adapting it for use at other stations where crowding at the single route diagram is an issue.

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Matthew Ng

An avid train enthusiast since 2009, he designs graphics and infographics to promote the little known facts about Singapore's train network.