An anime opening about Singapore Trains?

You may have recently seen a post about someone combining clips of the North South and East West MRT Lines (NSEWL) synced to the opening music of Girls und Panzer.


What’s upcoming in 2019?

2018 had been a rather quiet year for the rail network with only the introduction of new trains with tip-up seats on the North South Line, without any new rail line or extensions opening. The amount of breakdowns have been reduced significantly thanks to MRT stations closing early and opening late every month to speed READ MORE »


InnoTrans 2018: An Interview with Mr Jayaram Naidu

On a sunny, yet chilly afternoon at Messe Berlin in Germany, where the biennial InnoTrans 2018, which occupies 41 halls, is held, we headed over to Bombardier Transportation’s (BT) booth, where we had a scheduled interview with their Vice President, Head of South East Asia Mr Jayaram Naidu. As we arrived at the booth, fifteen READ MORE »


Is the passenger loading system beneficial?

On 14th May 2018, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) announced the pilot of a new Passenger Load Information System (PLIS) on the Downtown Line (DTL). The system features real-time information of the passenger loading in each train carriage of the arriving train and aims to help commuters better plan which door to queue at depending READ MORE »



Are tipping up seats needed?

As part of the ongoing efforts to improve our MRT lines, 57 new trains were purchased and will be added progressively into passenger service on the North South & East West Lines (NSEWL) between 2017 and 2019. These additional trains have benefited commuters with a more comfortable ride and improved reliability to meet the increasing READ MORE »


Communications-based, Communications-lost. Why it went off track.

It has been about 10 months since the CBTC system started testing. This highly complex yet necessary upgrade to the aging North South & East West Lines (NSEWL) has encountered many setbacks which we will discuss in the following blog post. The views expressed are our own personal views based on our observations and does READ MORE »


Rail developments in the year 2018

The year 2017 was an eventful one for the Singapore rail network. In spite of several isolated incidents where we saw trains “swimming” and coming into contact with each other, there were large, significant network improvements with the opening of the Tuas West Extension and the Downtown Line 3, which enhanced connectivity in various parts READ MORE »



10 things normal commuters don’t know about Singapore’s MRT

Singaporeans probably don’t know much about our MRT, despite 2015 statistics reflecting an average of 2,762,000 trips made daily across the MRT network. Travelling on the MRT during peak hour is often uncomfortable and can get frustrating when delays happen. Putting all the hate for our MRT aside and turning to the lighter side of READ MORE »


One Accident Is One Too Many

There are many safety procedures in place to ensure the safety of the maintenance staff and passengers. The recent tragedy near Pasir Ris MRT station signifies that even with these safety procedures in place, the accident was not prevented. An accident is always an accident too many. How could it be prevented? Here is a READ MORE »


Introducing: A Train of Thought!

Welcome to A Train of Thought, the new blog by SGTrains! Here, we will share the latest news on our train network, as well as sharing more little-known facts about Singapore’s MRT system. The SGTrains blog team aims to provide you with insights of the train system, give you a better understanding of the challenges READ MORE »