Fun Fact Friday: Ventilation Fans in Elevated MRT Stations

Did you know that prior 2012, elevated stations do not have any ventilation fans installed at the platform level?

Increased Heat Since Installation of Platform Screen Doors

An overground MRT station with the half-height platform screen doors (HHPSD) not in fully operational/working yet

Between August 2009 and June 2012, half-height platform screen doors were retrofitted onto all 36 elevated stations on the North-South Line (NSL) and East-West Line (EWL), enhancing commuters’ safety and reducing the incidence of track intrusions.

After the installation of the Platform Screen Doors (PSDs), the platforms began to trap more heat resulting in higher temperatures – especially during the mid-afternoon periods. Thus, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) introduced ventilation fans on the platforms in 2012 to allow wind to circulate around the stations.

Different Designs Depending on Station Design

Due to the variety of designs of the MRT stations, the LTA has introduced the “blades” and “jets” designs after assessing the suitability and effectiveness based on site conditions.

Usage of “Blades” Design

Rite-Hite Blade Fans are used to cool MRT stations

The “blades” design spins at a slow speed, but is able to circulate the wind around the stations.

Usage of “Jets” Design

The “jets” design will generate wind from the component, but is only able to direct wind in a single direction.

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