Handy Tips for Commuting in Phase 2

Singapore will move on to phase 2 of reopening today (June 19) and social activities will finally be allowed. For those that have been staying at home for the past 2 months, leaving the house and travelling would seem alien. Fret not, here are some handy tips to help you on your commute.

1. Wearing of mask

Wearing of mask is still mandatory out of your home and in public transport.

2. Ensuring sufficient card balance in your travel card

You can avoid the long queues at the ticketing machine by:
a. Downloading and using the EZ-Link App to mange and top-up(1) your travel card.
b. Using your contactless bank card for fare payments via SimplyGo.

3. Checking of first and last train timings

Lastly, do check the departure times of the first and last trains for your journeys.
Click to check first and last train timings

1. Top-up is only available for NFC enabled mobile device.

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Currently pursuing Bachelor in Computing Science. Have an interest with technology and how it will be a future enabler in improving efficiency and work process. Interested in railway operations and planning.