Fun Fact Friday: CC18 Station

Did you know that the Circle Line station code CC18 is not found on the system map?

If you were to travel between CC17 Caldecott and CC19 Botanic Gardens stations on the Circle Line (CCL), the journey will take at least 4 minutes as the train will whizz by the CC18 station – also known as Bukit Brown station.

Location of CC18 Bukit Brown Station

Located at 490 Jalan Mashhor, there are only a few landmarks around this area, including the Bukit Brown Cemetery. Thus, only the station structure has already been built at the station site – which will allow the actual station to be easily built there at a later date.

Spotting the Station Structure

To see the station structure, wait for the train to pass a set of points between Caldecott and Botanic Gardens stations. You will be able to see the structure of the future Bukit Brown station from the windows on the left, or from the ends of the train.

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