“Thomson-East Coast Line 2 Will Definitely Benefit Me!” – SGTrains Trainspotter on 8world News

In conjunction with the Thomson-East Coast Line 2 (TEL2) opening, Mediacorp’s 8world News invited a trainspotter from SGTrains for a short interview!

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Thoughts on Being a Singapore Train Enthusiast

Source: 8world News

When was the first time you took a train?

My family do not own a car, so from young, I have to rely on public transport to travel around. I vaguely remember taking the MRT for the first time when I was around six years old.

What sparked your interest?

I am actually quite interested in the signalling system of the rail network—more specifically, its logic and algorithms that keep it going.

The signalling system is able to pinpoint the exact location of each train in the network, and it issues commands to each train ensuring that they are safely kept apart.

You mentioned that you have a driver’s license, so why do you prefer taking the MRT instead of driving?

I prefer taking the MRT as I’m able to revise my schoolwork, listen to my favourite music or be inattentive in general during my travel.

I can’t actually do all of those when driving, especially to be inattentive!

Trainspotters are known for photographing, collecting train memorabilia, or taking the train back and forth. Do you do that?

SGTrains at Land Transport Authority (LTA) Land Transport Masterplan 2040

SGTrains Members attending the Launch of Land Transport Masterplan 2040. (Photo: SGTrains – Photographed before COVID-19)

No, we do not. The SGTrains team and I spend our time sharing knowledge and information about our rail network with the general public.

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Looking Forward to Thomson-East Coast Line 2

Screengrab: 8world News

How would Thomson-East Coast Line 2 benefit you?

Living near Caldecott, Thomson-East Coast Line 2 will definitely benefit me! As we all know, the Springleaf and Upper Thomson areas are well known for their supper hotspots.

Hence, travelling there to meet friends for supper would definitely be much more easier—as I don’t have to rely on the bus anymore.

What will you be doing in conjunction with the opening of Thomson-East Coast Line 2?

Thomson-East Coast Line Mandai Depot

SGTrains Members capturing footage of a TEL train entering the tunnel. (Photo: SGTrains)

The SGTrains team and I are planning to do a video that showcases what goes on behind the scenes to open a new MRT line.

Such tasks include preparing and updating the new station signage, cleaning the MRT station and inspecting the trains.

On opening day, we are planning to go down to the Thomson-East Coast Line 2 MRT stations to film the passengers’ excitement to boarding the first trains.

Interesting! Please tell me more about SGTrains.

SGTrains OpenBVE Circle Line

SGTrains Members guiding the public (in yellow) on the train simulator game. (Photo: SGTrains – Photographed before COVID-19)

Started in 2011, a group of like-minded train enthusiasts came together to form SGTrains to document Singapore’s rail network.

As a group, SGTrains also worked together with the Land Transport Authority (LTA) to promote the use of public transport.

Most recently in 2017, during the open house for Downtown Line 3 (DTL3), we set up a booth showcasing our hobby.

A train simulator game was also set up to allow the public to experience how is it like to be a train captain driving a train.

Lastly, will SGTrains be organizing anything for Thomson-East Coast Line 2 opening?

Due to the current restrictions and circumstances, we are only able to do online engagement at this time.

Apart from the video which we are planning to publish on the opening day itself, we plan to do giveaways too to celebrate the occasion.

Do keep a lookout on our social media platforms!

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