New 7th Generation R151 Trains for the North-South and East-West Lines Spotted During Children’s Day Celebration in China

Bombardier MOVIA R151 trains spotted in China

Alstom’s joint venture, Changchun Bombardier Rail Vehicles Company Ltd. (CBRC), had recently organised a celebration for Children’s Day where children whose parents are working at the factory are invited over to explore and view the trains that CBRC is currently building.


Sneak Peek of New Bombardier MOVIA R151 Trains

Bombardier MOVIA R151 trains in Alstom Bombardier Factory

Bombardier MOVIA R151 trains spotted in the background. (Photo: Alstom)

Alstom mentioned that “the children then toured the factory and inspected the Singapore, Harbin Line 3 and BCIA trains currently being built in the factory.”

In a press release photograph released by the manufacturer, we can spot the Bombardier MOVIA R151 trains in the background.

The train dons the highly anticipated LTA livery, featuring the colours red and green, representing our North-South Line (NSL) and East-West Line (EWL) respectively.


7th Generation R151 Trains To Arrive From 2021 Onwards

Artist Impression of the Bombardier MOVIA R151 trains

Artist Impression of the Bombardier MOVIA R151 trains. (Image: LTA)

106 Bombardier MOVIA R151 trains were purchased to replace the first generation Kawasaki Heavy Industries C151 trains, the second generation Siemens C651 trains and the third generation Kawasaki-Nippon Sharyo C751B trains of the NSL and EWL.

The design of the trains are done in Germany whereas the coordination for the design is led by Bombardier’s team based in Singapore. They will be manufactured and assembled in Changchun, China before arriving in batches later this year.

The R151 trains will then commence service from 2022 onwards.

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Images adapted from Alstom and LTA

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