Singapore Rail Developments in 2021

As we depart from 2020, here are some of the Singapore Rail Developments that will be happening in the year 2021.

Opening of Thomson-East Coast Line Stage 2

Stage 2 of the Thomson-East Coast Line (TEL) is expected to open in the third quarter of this year, after multiple delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The second stage of the TEL consists of six stations from Springleaf to Caldecott and was initially expected to be completed by the end of 2020.

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Cross Island Line Western Leg Announcement

The alignment and stations for the Eastern Leg and Punggol Extension of the Cross Island Line (CRL) was announced previously in 2019 and 2020. In December 2019, it was announced that the CRL will run 70 metres deep directly under the Central Catchment Nature Reserve.

It is expected that the alignment and stations on the western leg of the CRL will be announced this year.

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Alstom Metropolis C751A Mid-life Refurbishment

Mid-life refurbishment works have begun for the C751A trains in Q1 2019 and the first refurbished train is expected to roll out this year.

On top of the replacement of interior fittings such as the seats, panels and floorings, a new condition monitoring system will also be installed. The trains’ air-conditioning, ventilation and passenger information systems will also be upgraded, together with other mechanical and electrical systems and parts that needs to be repaired or replaced.

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New Bombardier MOVIA R151 Trains

The first few R151 trains are expected to arrive in Singapore in the second quarter of this year. 106 R151 trains were purchased to replace the first generation KHI trains, second generation SIE trains and the third generation KNS trains, and is expected to enter service from 2022 onwards.

The new trains are integrated with condition-monitoring features and sensors that transmit data back to a server that can identify emerging faults for rectification before they occur, facilitating a robust, efficient and effective predictive maintenance regime.

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New Alstom Metropolis C851E Trains

New trains for the North East and Circle Lines are expected to arrive in Singapore this year as well. Under contract 851E, 23 new Circle Line trains and 6 new North East Line trains were purchased and is expected to be in service from 2024 onwards.

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New Bombardier INNOVIA APM 300 C801B Trains

The first two C801B trains are expected to arrive for testing and commissioning this year. As part of the Bukit Panjang LRT renewal works, the new C801B trains will replace the existing 19 Bombardier INNOVIA APM 100 C801 trains.

The Bukit Panjang LRT is currently undergoing a re-signalling upgrade to the Communications Based Train Control (CBTC) CITYFLO 650 signalling system and the new signalling system is expected to commence in 4Q 2022. The renewal works are expected to be completed by 2024.

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