3 Tips When Taking the Train During Rainy Seasons

An SMRT Kawasaki Heavy Industries C151 train arriving Jurong East MRT Station during a thunderstorm with a lot of rain.

With the onset of inter-monsoon conditions this month (Apr 2021), we can expect to see more occurrences of “short-duration moderate to heavy thundery showers with frequent lightning” in the afternoon on most days, as announced by the Meteorological Service Singapore (MSS).

Therefore, here are 3 tips when taking the train during rainy seasons!


Avoid Rushing for The Train – Safety First!

A weather radar from the Meteorological Service Singapore (MSS) showing Rain Areas along MRT/LRT stations

A weather radar depicting intensive heavy rain along many MRT stations (Photo: MSS)

During a heavy downpour, station flooring at aboveground stations might get slightly wet and be slippery. For your safety, do exercise care and caution, and avoid rushing and running for the train.

Additionally, if you happen to spot an area that you feel might be overly wet and unsafe for other commuters, do alert a nearby station staff.


Plan for More Travelling Time

An SMRT train arrival timing LED board.

An LED display at a MRT station entrance showing Train Arrival Timings

Trains travelling between overground stations on the North-South Line (NSL) and East-West Line (EWL) are able to operate in full Automatic mode, rain or shine when permitting. This is possible thanks to its versatile Signalling System.

During wet weather, trains are configured to use an alternate braking profile that provides better braking controllability, to reduce the likelihood for trains to wheel slip/slide for the safety and comfort of passengers on trains.

Hence, more time would be needed for trains to stop safely and align properly with the Platform Screen Doors (PSDs) at stations. With that in mind, do plan for more travelling time on your end.

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Bring Along a Jacket if You Get Cold Easily

A passenger on Singapore MRT train wearing very thick furry jacket because it was very cold due to Monsoon Surge

Photo: Reddit

The air-conditioning systems on our MRT trains are configured to a pre-set temperature at around 22°C to 24ºC. When raining, temperatures on board may hover more frequently at low temperatures.

For better comfort, do bring along a jacket if you get cold easily – especially during a long commute! (but not until so OP/overpowered like in the picture la 😂)

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Featured Image from Reddit
Weather Radar image from MSS

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