40 additional new trains for NSEWL

, 40 additional R151 trains will be purchased for the North-South and East-West Lines, replacing 19 sets of 2nd-generation Siemens C651 and 21 sets of 3rd-generation Kawasaki-Nippon Sharyo C751B trains.

Artist impression of the exterior of the train. (Photo: LTA)

Artist impression of the interior of the train. (Photo: LTA)

The 40 additional new trains will adopt the same design as the initial orders, allowing engineers to be familiarised with a single train model, enhancing their skills and familiarisation.

The NSEWL would have a more streamlined fleet after the replacement.
Train TypeQuantity
Kawasaki Heavy Industries & CSR Qingdao Sifang C151A/B/C92 (35 + 40 + 12)
Bombardier MOVIA R151106 (66 + 40)

The original order of 66 R151 trains which would be replacing the first-generation Kawasaki C151 trains is scheduled to be in service from 2022 onwards, while the 40 additional trains will arrive in batches from 2024 to replace the 2nd and 3rd generation trains currently in service on the NSEWL.

Along with the purchase, SMRT will also sign a long-term service support contract with Bombardier Transportation to cover all 106 replacement trains. In the contract, Bombardier will provide technical and spares support for train repairs and system upgrades or replacements for the first ten years.

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