Fun Fact Friday: Retrofitted Platform Barriers at Elevated Stations

Did you know that Platform Barriers were initially not present at all Elevated MRT Stations?

To enhance commuters’ safety and reduce the incidence of track intrusions, all 36 elevated stations on the North-South Line (NSL) and East-West Line (EWL) are retrofitted with half height Platform Screen Doors (PSDs) between August 2009 and June 2012.

Platform Screen Doors in the NSEWL

The half height platform screen doors are 1.5 metres high and are installed along the edge of the station platform to create a barrier separating the trackside and the platform.

Platform Barriers in the LRT Network

As for LRT stations, a decision was made in 2015 by the Land Transport Authority to retrofit all 42 existing LRT stations with half height platform barriers. These platform barriers will not have doors but instead, will have fixed openings with which trains will align their doors.

Increasing Demand for Public Transport

Due to increasing passenger levels during the peak hours on the NSEWL, as well as on the LRT lines, this additional layer of safety helps to prevent a service delay or disruption due to track intrusions or accidental droppage of personal belongings onto the tracks.

Bishan NSL – Bonus Fact!

The NSL platforms at Bishan station was also retrofitted with full-height platform screen doors to link it to the Circle Line (CCL), converting it into an air-conditioned platform. A new air-conditioned southbound platform was also constructed to add additional capacity into the station to anticipate the additional demand from the CCL.

Currently, it is the only station in our train network to be retrofitted with full-height platform screen doors. All other stations are built with the platform screen doors pre-installed before the opening of the stations.

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