MRT staff gives woman $2 to take the train home, as she lost her way while jogging

Some of us might be itching to get out of the house, especially since Singapore exits the Circuit Breaker. Maybe to go for a jog/run or to enjoy nature in the park.

Woman loses her way during 10km run

From Ms Mandy Chan’s Facebook post, she went to do a 10km run in the morning (of 31 May) but took a different route from her usual one.

She went to do her run without her smartphone and wallet, but only with keys back to her house. Little did she know, she would then lose her way along the run and would need some help to get back home.

MRT staff gave her $2 to take the train home

It’s okay, Hari Raya la!
– Station Manager Kahar

Ms Mandy then spotted Fort Canning station where she made her way to the Passenger Service Centre to seek for some help. She explained to Station Manager Kahar Bin Kintan that she lost her way after running and did not have her smartphone nor her wallet on her.

At first, she thought that Mr Kahar would just give her some directions to help find her way back, but what Mr Kahar did next “shook” Ms Mandy. She was pleasantly surprised when Mr Kahar took out his wallet and gave her $2 and gave it to her.

Mr Kahar then guided her to buy a train ticket at the ticketing machines to take the train back to Redhill station.

Ms Mandy went back to Fort Canning station on 3 Jun to repay Mr Kahar

Yesterday 11.30pm – surprised to see Mandy at Fort Canning Station.Althought what I did to Mandy was a normal nice…

Posted by Kahar Murni on Wednesday, 3 June 2020

Ms Mandy returned to Fort Canning station, repaid the $2 and gave Mr Kahar some goodies for him

Aiyo, don’t have to come la. I never think much when I give you the money. So late you come all the way here
– Station Manager Kahar

In a Facebook post by SBS Transit on 3 Jun, the transport operator said that they “are proud of Kahar’s actions and so glad it helped brighten Mandy’s day particularly in these dark times.”

Today’s First: $2 of Humanity Pt 2I headed back to Fort Canning station this afternoon to repay Kahar Murni for the $2…

Posted by Mandy Xinyi Chan on Wednesday, 3 June 2020

She got lost while out jogging without any money or her handphone. She wandered in to the Downtown Line's Fort Canning…

Posted by SBS Transit Ltd on Wednesday, 3 June 2020

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