Service Ambassador at Bishan station contracts Covid-19

An SMRT service ambassador has been hospitalised after contracting Covid-19.

The 58-year-old woman is a service ambassador for the Circle Line at Bishan station. She is currently an unlinked case.

She was last at work on 15 May 2020, subsequently felt unwell 2 days later and consulted a doctor. She was then referred to the hospital for a swab test, where she was tested positive later that day.

SMRT said that the staff is currently warded and is in a stable condition. The company is currently monitoring her condition closely and will offer necessary assistance to her and her family.

The transport operator has increased cleaning frequencies of all high contact points at premises, facilities and vehicles since late January.

Here’s a video of Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan’s visit to Bishan station on 4th May.

This is Bishan Station at 7.45am on Monday. Barely 4 months ago, it would have been very crowded. Now it is half-empty. Covid-19 has reduced MRT traffic by around 80%! At the peak of SARS, the plunge in demand was only 20%. One upside is that it allows us to observe safe distancing. I met some #SIA Transport Ambassadors and thanked them for helping out. They are motivated and have brought their SIA smiles along.As we ease the circuit breaker measures in the coming weeks and allow more Singaporeans to work outside of home, many will start taking public transport again. It means that safe distancing will be very challenging, especially during peak hours. We will need everyone’s help to manage and flatten the peak-hour demand – employers should continue to stagger working hours and encourage telecommuting. Donning a mask on public transport is absolutely necessary, as in Taipei, HK, Seoul, Spain and many other cities. And if you are unwell, please stay home.#SGUnited #SingaporeTogether with Land Transport Authority – We Keep Your World Moving, SMRT, Singapore Airlines, Certis

Posted by Khaw Boon Wan on Sunday, 3 May 2020

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