Guide Dog knows which station to alight at?

A guide dog wakes up its owner at the moment where it was supposed to alight

Guide dogs are service animals which are trained to lead the blind or visually impaired around obstacles. They are allowed on Singapore’s public transport, with full support given by the Government of Singapore.

One such guide dog is even accustomed to our MRT network!

Assisting its owner on the MRT

A guide dog wakes up at where the owner was supposed to alight

Photo: Ms Yap via 走,新加坡

In a Facebook post via the group 走,新加坡, Ms Yap shared that during her journey on the Circle Line (CCL), she happened to encounter a very well-behaved guide dog accompanying its owner on board the MRT train.

She noticed that the dog was sleeping peacefully next to its owner throughout the journey, only to wake up just as the train arrives at the station they were supposed to alight at.

I personally love dogs and I admire guide dogs, and whether it’s a coincidence or not, that was really impressive to me. :’)

A wholesome sight for many

A guide dog resting on the floor of an MRT train

A guide dog resting on board an MRT train. (Photo: SGTrains)

That occurrence which Ms Yap shared was very well received by members in the Facebook group, with really wholesome and heartwarming reactions given on that post.

If you happen to encounter a guide dog on board our rail network, please do not distract it especially when it is guiding its owner to navigate around, (you may however distract yourself and admire at how intelligent guide dogs are!). Do offer your assistance when the guide dog’s owner requires additional help too.

In general, please don’t forget to give up your seat to people who may need it more that you. Let’s do our part to care for one another while we travel on the network.

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Header photos are adapted from Ms Yap’s Facebook post

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